Interlinked alarms that transmit data via 433MHz band can interconnect up to 30 devices simultaneously, When one of the alarms detects a target and alarms, the other interconnected alarms will alarm together at the same time

Detect Type: Smoke
Model Number: JKD-518R
Power Supply: built-in lithium Battery

Sensor of Smoke: Photoelectric sensor
Smoke Alarm Sensitivity: 0.25dB/m
Product Life: 10 years

Communication protocol: RF433MHz

Operating Environment: temperature: -10℃ ~55℃,
                                          relative humidity:<95%No condensing

Storage and Transport Environment: -10~55℃ ,<95%RH

Atmospheric Pressure: 86kPa~106kPa, lndoor use type

Alarm Sound : ≥85dB at 3 meters
Installation Location: ceiling or wall
Size: about Φ115*32.5mm
Standard: EN14604:2005/AC:2008


JKD-518R datasheet.jpg

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