This detector is widely used in petroleum, metallurgy, refining, gas, fire, archaeology and other industries and places that require safe monitoring of toxic and harmful, explosion-proof

Detect GAS: H2S+O2+CO+CH4 (Other gas combinations can be customized)
Model Number: ABH840
Power Supply: DC 3.7V 1800mAh Lithium Battery

2 Years Sensor Lifetime

Indication mode: LCD liquid crystal display real-time data and system status, light, vibration and real voice prompts

Optional detect gas: EX, O2, H2S, CO, CO2, NO, NO2, SO2, CL2, H2, NH3, PH3, HCL, CLO2, HCN, C2H4O, O3, HF, C7H8, C8H10 and etc...

4 in 1 Multiple Gas Detector

Warm-up Time: 60s

Operation Temperature: -20 °C ~ +50 °C

Working Humidity: ≤95%RH

Response time: ≤30s

IP grade: IP65

Dimensions: Ф135*70*31mm

Weight: 280g

ABH840 size.jpgABH840 pack.jpg.

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