Industrial Type Gas Detector

Detect type

More than 1000 combustible, toxic and volatile gases

Pump type voice gas detector (hereinafter referred to as detector) is a kind of safety equipment which can continuously use to detect the concentration of leaked
gas. It adopts advanced integrated circuit technology, 32-bit embedded microcomputer chip control and imported 16 bit ultra-high resolution ADC detection special chip. The calculation speed is faster and the test data is more accurate and stable. The detector uses a 2.4-inch high-definition LCD color screen, through Chinese and English interface and Chinese and English voice prompts, users can quickly understand the product, easy to use and maintain; the detector uses aluminum alloy shell, USB charging interface, built-in 2900ma large capacity lithium battery and high-end vacuum suction pump, high-quality imported gas sensor, with excellent sensitivity and excellent repeatability; P PM and Mg / m3 range unit switch with one key, fast reaction speed, strong anti-interference ability, stable and reliable performance, in the domestic leading level.
The detector is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, environmental protection, metallurgy, refining, gas, biochemical medicine, agriculture, fire protection, archaeology and other industries and places that need safety monitoring of toxic, harmful and explosion-proof. The detector can effectively predict the concentration of dangerous gas alarm, ensure the safety of the staff is
not threatened, and the production equipment is not damaged

Intrinsically safe circuit design, safe and reliable;
Beautiful appearance, convenient operation, accurate measurement, strong anddurable;
2.4-inch ultra-high definition liquid crystal color screen, perfectly presenting various gas detection indicators;
16 bit data acquisition chip + 32-bit nano microprocessor, with higher resolution and faster reaction speed;
High strength aluminum alloy shell, resistant to acid, alkali, cold, heat, impact and flame;
Imported gas sensor with original packaging, high precision, strong stability, low error rate and good linearity;
The customer can set the high and low alarm value, alarm prompt switch and other functions as required;
2900ma large capacity lithium battery, electrochemical sensor can work continuously for more than 20 hours;
One key switch between ppm and Mg / m3 measuring range unit, simple and clear
Micro USB design, compatible with most Android mobile phone chargers and chargers in the market
Chinese and English display interface, Chinese and English real person voice prompt. Applicable to all people;
Triple alarm prompt of sound, light and vibration
Support curve drawing, convenient to observe the periodic state of gas concentration
Temperature and humidity online display (optional)


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